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Windchill Products

Welcome to the Windchill Dog Gear website

Our products are fully Australian made - we can custom-make equipment to suit your dogs and your needs

  • Collars - Limited-slip, standard, optional buckle, range of colours, sizes and styles

  • Leads - Standard, Extra-handle, hiking, Multi-length - full range of sizes and colours

  • Harnesses for sledding, weight pulling, car restraint & walking

  • Walking belts, brace sections for walking 2 dogs, fold-up waterbowls, bungee lead attachments

  • Stake out equipment including cable stake-out lines, stainless steel dog stakes, cable drop lines - any length

  • Ganglines for teams of all sizes - heavy-duty bungee section, add-on modules for larger teams, necklines and cable lines available

  • Skijoring & Canicross Belts

  • Canine Backpacks & Hiking accessories

  • Embroidered name-tag or phone number can be added to most items

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Our products:

Sledding harness Collars Leads - range of styles Backpacks
Sledding Harness Collars Leads & Walking Accessories Backpacks
 Walking belt Weight pull harness Fold up Waterbowl Ganglines for all team sizes
Walking Belt Weight Pull Harness Water Bowls Ganglines - polyrope and/or cable
Components Stakes & stake-out cable lines Car / Walking Harness Webbing
Components Stakes & Tie Out Lines Car / Walking Harness  Webbing
Polyrope for Ganglines & Necklines  Skijoring & Canicross Belts Tool Pouch  MTBO Mapboard
Polyrope  Skijoring & Canicross Belts Snub line bags, Tool
& Pooch Pouches 
Mapboard for Mountain
Bike Orienteering
Price list

Download our Price List for a full list of Windchill products

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