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About Us

Windchill Dog Gear is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of equipment for all breeds and all sizes of dog.  We have been manufacturing and marketing dog gear since 1995.  

We are a small family business with a love of dogs and a focus on quality and not quantity. We make all the products ourselves and use our own team of Alaskan Malamutes as quality control. We use local suppliers, do not import cheap, mass-produced products from overseas and, to keep costs down, we do not employ staff.

For that reason, during the working season between March and August when we are busiest we might take a bit longer to get your order to you, but hope that our customers find the quality of our products worth the wait.

We offer a Mail Order service Australia-wide and internationally. If you require items urgently we will do our best to meet your deadline. 

Postage & Handling costs quoted on this website are generally the maximum anticipated cost, however may be less than indicated.  Please phone or email us with the items you wish to order for an exact price for postage.

Please note that heavy items such as stake-out lines, dog stakes and metal hardware may incur additional postage costs.

If you would like to collect your order at a sledding event in Victoria, please email us.


Our products are reasonably priced - our Price List is in Australian Dollars.

Please go to the product webpage for prices or download a PDF Price list.

Payment Options

We accept payments by the following methods:

  • Credit CardsCredit card:  Visa or MasterCard

  • Cheque or Money Order

  • Direct deposit (please email for account details)

  • Cash sales at events (please contact us if you wish to collect your order at a Victorian event)

Returns & Exchange Policy

If customers are not satisfied with their Windchill products or the fit of our harnesses we offer exchange or refund (conditions apply).

Please let us know if you are not happy with your products for any reason - we pride ourselves on our great customer service and don't want any unhappy customers stuck with products they can't use!

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Contacting Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about our product range, equipment, for a quote or for advice about working your dogs or using our equipment.

Equipment for all dogs...

We make dog equipment to suit all sizes and breeds of dog, from the family pet dog to the working dog. We specialise in equipment for working and stronger breeds, particularly for the activities of sledding, weight-pulling, backpacking and obedience, however any breed of dog will enjoy some, or all, of these activities.

Our equipment is inexpensive, made to last and has been well and truly tried and tested by our own Alaskan Malamute "quality control" team. 

We can make-to-measure to suit your specifications and offer a money-back guarantee.

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Related Websites

For more information about clubs, organisations and other related sites, click here


Allow 1 to 6 weeks for delivery, as delivery time will depend on which products you are ordering and where you are ordering from.  Please email if you would like an estimate of delivery time.

Please allow sufficient time for us to get your order to you. We try to process orders as quickly as possible, however at busy times of year longer delays are sometimes unavoidable.  Actual delivery time will depend on availability of stock, size of order and whether you order on or off-peak (we are at our busiest between March and September).

If you require your items urgently or by a particular date, please let us know and we will do our best to meet your deadline.

Orders may be collected from events that we attend (Victoria only).

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Your Feedback

Please give us your feedback - we want to know if you are not happy with any of our products or service, if you have any suggestions for improvement or even if you and your dogs are happy with our equipment.

We also welcome your photos of your dog(s) using their Windchill gear for our photo album!

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