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Hiking with walking beltWalking Belt & Accessories

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Walking Belt Walking belt

The Windchill Walking Belt clips around the top of the hips for hands-free walking of one or more dogs and for hiking with your dog.

The Walking Belt makes it easier to control strong dogs and leaves both hands free to pick up after your dog, to assist your dog if necessary or do other things requiring both hands while maintaining control of your dog.

Windchill walking belts are adjustable and are padded at the back with polar fleece for added comfort.  The belt fastens at the front with a side-release buckle for easy and quick access. They are made from 45 mm (2 inch) load-binder webbing with stainless steel fittings, and has an adjustable clip-on section for attachment of one or multiple leads - can be used with any standard lead.

Both the belt and lead-holding section are adjustable for a perfect fit and comfortable walking. To attach your dog’s lead(s) simply undo the snap hook on the lead-holding section across the front of the walking belt, thread through the handle of your dog’s lead(s) and re-attach the snap hook to the D-ring (as pictured).

The lead strap is removable and can be replaced if it becomes worn.

Should the belt buckle happen to come undone your dogs are still attached to you.


It is recommended that you wear the walking belt around your hips to avoid putting pressure on your back - measure around the top of your hips to determine which size you will need.

Standard sizes available are:  


Standard sizes* Maximum
Approximate Adjustment Range
Small 85 cm (34 inches)  60 to 85 cm (24 to 34 inches)
Medium 105 cm (42 inches) 80 to 105 cm (32 to 42 inches)
Large 130 cm (50 inches) 100 to 130 cm (40 to 50 inches)
Extra Large 150 cm (58 inches) 120 - 150 cm (48 to 58 inches)
XXL 175 cm (68 inches) 145 - 175 cm (56 to 68 inches)
Replacement lead strap All sizes Please specify walking belt size when ordering

*OR can be made to any size to suit you.

Walking beltPlease note:   The walking belt is worn around the hips, not the waist, so please measure around your hips to determine the right size, and allow for bulky clothing.  If you are not sure it is best to go up a size as the belt can be adjusted down in  size.

Please see the Price List for prices

Webbing Colours

Black, Royal blue, Red, Purple, Fluoro orange

Polar fleece padding colours:

Black, Red, Royal blue, Purple, Pink, Cerise, Green

- see Colour chart page for colour samples

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Tips for Walking Strong Dogs...

Attaching your dog's lead to a walking belt allows you to use the strength of your leg muscles to control your dog.  It also lowers and centres the pulling point which gives greater stability and reduces the risk of you being pulled off balance. 

When walking a dog that is pulling hard, getting yourself to the side of your dog, rather than directly behind, will assist in giving you control.  The dog has greatest strength when pulling directly forwards, so introducing a sideways pull on the dog helps give you the advantage and reduces their pulling power.

It is also advisable to bend your knees slightly so the impact of the pull is taken by your leg muscles rather than your joints.

Please note that the walking belt must be worn around the top of the hips, not at the waist, so the pressure is not on your back. 

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Fold-up waterbowlA convenient but tough fold-up "travel" waterbowl that you can attach to your lead, backpack or walking belt and doesn't collapse when it's wet.

Collapsible water bowls are a must for hiking with your dog, and are ideal to have in your car or attached to your lead for everyday use. The water bowls are made from a  heavy-duty, waterproof material and come with a velcro fastener for folding up and attaching to your lead.

The water bowl folds out to a diameter of around 18 cm (7 inches) and depth of about 7 cm (2.5 inches), which is large enough for any dog to drink from without excessive spillage.


Bowl colours:

Black, Navy blue, Royal Blue, Red, Dark Green, Yellow, Fluoro yellow, Fluoro orange

Webbing colours:

Red, Royal Blue, Light blue, Purple, Pink, Emerald Green, Gold, Yellow, Burgundy, Brown, Black, Grey/silver, Fluoro lime, Hot pink, Fluoro yellow, Fluoro orange

- see Colour chart page for colour samples

Please see the Price List for prices

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