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Hiking with dogsCanine Backpacks

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About our Backpacks

Hiker BackpackOur backpacks have been well and truly tried and tested on Alaskan Malamutes who have carried 30% of their body weight (up to 15 kg) in their packs over hikes of up to 70 km through rough terrain.

One of our own backpacks has been used on well over 1,000 km of hiking fully loaded with camping equipment, and is still in use - we make them to last.

We have limited backpacks in stock (please phone, fax or email to check availability, colours & sizes), or you can have a pack made to order to your requirements.

Note: Our backpacks have no external pockets as these collect water and increase the risk of the pack getting caught on obstacles, branches etc.



The Hiker Backpack is a top of the range, 2-piece waterproof backpack designed for carrying heavy loads* over long distances, but is also ideal for carrying a few supplies on short walks or for helping you carry home the shopping.

Being a two-piece backpack, the Windchill backpacks have the added advantage of allowing you to be able to quickly and easily remove and replace the packs on the saddle harness, which can remain on the dog.

Saddle bag dimensionsThis practical feature is a big plus whenever you are using the pack, and is essential in situations where backpacks may have to be constantly removed to negotiate difficult obstacles such as logs over pathways, creeks, narrow openings, etc. The PVC buckle locks the pack section on to the saddle.

Hiker Backpacks feature:

  • Padded saddle and separate saddle bags
  • Heavy-duty, waterproof saddle-bags with reinforced zip closures
  • Improved curved design to reduce rubbing
  • Saddle bags attach with velcro and are locked on with a PVC buckle
  • Saddle has 3 fully adjustable webbing straps, one around the chest and two around the girth
  • Extra D-rings on top for attachment of extra items
  • Neoprene cushioned tabs on all buckles for added comfort.
  • D-ring at rear of saddle

Hiker Backpack Sizes

Hiker backpacks can be made to order, or select from the four standard sizes: 

Saddle Bag Dimensions:

Size Height Width Depth Prices
Small 6.5 inches (17 cm) 9.5 inches (24 cm) 4.5 inches (11 cm) $160.00
Medium 7.5 inches (19 cm) 11 inches (28 cm) 5.5 inches (14 cm) $165.00
Large 8.5 inches (22 cm) 13 inches (33 cm) 6 inches (15 cm) $170.00
Extra Large 9.5 inches (24 cm) 14.5 inches (37 cm) 7 inches (18 cm) $175.00
XXL 10.5 inches (27 cm) 16 inches (41 cm) 8 inches (20 cm) $180.00


OR we can make a Hiker backpack to your specifications to suit your dog.

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Which size for my dog?


Backpack sizesWhen selecting a size, consider how big the saddle bags will be on your dog. 

The bags must not hang too low or they will interfere with the movement of the dog's legs causing rubbing, and the pack must not be too long from front to back (see width of pack) or it will not sit over the dog's shoulders.  A pack that sits too far down the dog's topline could place stress on the lower portion of your dog's back and cause discomfort or injury.

The pack size also depends on what you are wanting your dog to carry, for instance if the dog will be carrying light, bulky items or carrying dense, heavy items.

To help determine the right size and get an idea of how the saddle bags will sit on your dog, you can fold paper to the dimensions of the saddle bags and hold them against the side of your dog.  The top of the saddle bag should be in line or just below the topline of your dog, and the front should be in line with the base of the neck.

Hiker BackpackDifferent breeds vary in their width across the back, for instance a Collie or Whippet have a narrower body shape than a Rottweiler or Malamute, so we will customise the width of centre-piece of the backpack to suit your dog. This will ensure the saddle bags don't hang too low and hit the elbows of breeds with narrower body shapes

Note: The saddle bags should be reasonably full when in use to ensure they sit out from the body rather than hanging down.  If necessary, the saddle bags can be filled with light bulky items, such as clothing or towels.

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Windchill backpacks are made from Kodra*, which is a heavy-duty, waterproof, abrasion resistant nylon. 

They are double stitched with heavy-duty polyester thread.

*Kodra Specifications: 1000 denier, high tenacity polyurethane-coated nylon Waterproofness: 500mm (ISO811) Tensile strength:  3000N (warp & weft) Tear strength:  200N (warp & weft)

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Multi coloured backpacksColours

Black, Navy blue, Royal Blue, Red, Dark Green, Yellow, Fluoro yellow, Fluoro orange. 

Backpacks can be one colour, bi-colour or multi-coloured. 

- see Colour chart page for colour samples

Optional Extras

Embroidered Name Tag - up to 10 characters - located centre back        $9.50  

Reflective Tape - strip of silver reflective tape around the lid of each saddle bag   $12.00

Cross straps - 2 adjustable straps that cross over the centre section of the backpacks for picking up the packs, attachment of extra equipment and preventing the lead from dropping down under the saddle bags.   $20.00

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