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Weight pull harness in use
Weight Pull Harness

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PLEASE NOTE:  We do not take responsibility if customers order the wrong size or send us incorrect measurements.  If a harness needs to be returned for exchange, alteration or refund, the postage costs will need to be covered by the customer.

WEIGHT-PULL HARNESS            from $85.00

The weight-pull harness is designed for pulling of heavy loads over short distances, and incorporates a rear spreader bar to prevent lateral compression of the hind legs by the side straps during heavy pulls.

Weight pull harnessThe weight pull harness is designed to allow maximum pulling power and comfort under heavy loads. If fitted correctly the weight-pull harness will not restrict movement when the dog's head is down low during pulls, and will not put pressure on the upper arm-shoulder joint.

Weight-pull harnesses are made from industrial polyester webbing with synthetic thick polar-fleece & high density closed-cell foam padding, and are double stitched with heavy-duty synthetic thread. 


*Note:  it is a common misconception that wider webbing is better, however wider webbings are not necessarily any stronger and may not sit as flat on the curved areas of the dog, causing one edge of the webbing to dig in under the front leg - any discomfort will prevent optimal pulling.
Wider webbing may be appropriate for large and giant breed dogs, but is not recommended for smaller dogs.


Weight Pull HarnessPadding extends around the neck and chest areas for added comfort and to minimise chafing. Harnesses are padded from A-B, B-G and A-D - more than on most other weight-pull harnesses.

The X section over the back is adjustable and the cross-over point can be moved to suit the pulling style of your dog and the height of the load the dog is pulling.  The webbing X section should be a bit loose so as not to place any downward pressure on the spine when the dog is pulling.

Because no two dogs are exactly the same, Windchill weight-pull harnesses are made to measure for your dog.  

Harness length:

For weight pull competitions where the dog may be pulling a very heavy load at a slow speed, the spreader bar is usually positioned closer to the rear of the dog, while still allowing for full extension of the hind leg during pulling.  This minimises the risk of tangles, particularly for dogs that may back up, twist, pull off centre, jump, lunge or have a tendency to step out of a harness when pulling. 
For dogs that will lean in and pull the load in a steady motion, the length may not be as critical.

For drag work or training where the dog is pulling at a faster speed, we recommend extra length between the hind leg and the spreader bar to allow full extension of the hind leg.

You can specify the length of the harness when ordering.

Use the information sheet on how to measure your dog for a weight-pull harness elsewhere in this web site.

G-G: spreader bar measurementIf you find your harness is not a good fit on your dog, you are welcome to send it back to us for alteration or exchange.

Weight Pull Harness Measuring Diagram 

WEBBING OPTIONSWeight pull harness

25 mm wide webbing                    $85.00

Recommended for small and medium breed dogs

35 mm wide webbing                    $95.00

Recommended for large & giant breed dogs

50 mm wide webbing                    $105.00

Recommended only for giant breed dogs


- see Colour chart page for colour samples

25 mm Webbing:

Red, Royal Blue, Light blue, Purple, Emerald Green, Gold, Yellow, Burgundy, Brown, Black. Silver. 

Fluoro colours: Lime, Pink, Yellow, OrangeWeight pull event

35 mm Webbing:

Black, Royal blue, Red, Brown, Burgundy, Fluoro lime, Hot pink, Bright orange

50 mm Webbing:

Black, Royal blue, Red, Purple, Fluoro orange

Polar Fleece Padding:

Red, Royal Blue, Purple, Black, Cerise, Green, Gold, Light blue

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OPTIONAL EXTRASWeight Pull Harness

Embroidered Name Tag         $9.50 extra                

- Up to 10 characters per tag (including spaces)

Name or phone number embroidered onto a section of black webbing.

If colour is not specified we do the embroidery in the same colour as the main item on the black background (as pictured). If you would like a different colour lettering please provide details on the order form.

Lettering for name-tags can be all uppercase or a combination of upper and lower case.

Lettering height is approximately 3/4 the width of the webbing.

Name tags are removable and can be added to most Windchill products.

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